Oyster Unveils New Logo and Animation for Milestones Museum

As part of our work with the Hampshire Cultural Trust, Oyster was asked to develop a new brand for the Milestones Museum in Basingstoke. As part of the project, Oyster’s design team developed a brand that fitted perfectly with the amazing interactivity of the exhibitions at the museum.

We were particularly excited by the delivery of a fully animated logo for use in museum reception and throughout the site. This animated logo not only looks fantastic, it is engaging and memorable to ensure that Milestone’s new brand really sticks in the mind of its visitors.

The Best School Website Designs 2019

The school website is often the first place a parent might look when considering a school for their child. It needs to sell the benefits of the school, present its character, and give an impression of what school life might be like for their child at that school. There are so many question to answer and a school website should answer as many as possible, before driving enquiries to the school in the form of visits, registrations and attendance at open days.

Introducing a network with a difference: Beebu

Beebu is a new mobile with exceptional customer service and support at it's core. Trustworthy, reliable and served up on the UK’s fastest 4G mobile network. Beebu approached Oyster to develop the brand and deliver some key marketing materials for launch of the exciting new network. Operating on a similar model to successful operators, Gif Gaf, Beebu is basing its entire strategy around straightforward and honest services promoted predominately by existing happy customers.