Sands - Finding the words

Creating, writing and delivering the Sands 'Finding the words' video was an emotional and inspiring experience.

The brief

Sands provide support and advice to professionals, as well as families and loved ones affected by the loss of a baby. A lot of people find it difficult to know what to do when someone they know has lost a baby. People may feel awkward and avoid the subject completely or even worse avoid the person. The video needed to show how life can feel for the person experiencing the loss of their baby and how important it is to 'find the words' that show you care. It also allows them to talk about their baby, how they feel and to feel they are not invisible in their grief. 

The solution

We wrote a script that followed a short day for a mother who had lost her baby. It conveyed the sense of emptiness, loss and mourning, whilst demonstrating how isolated she felt because people found it hard to approach her. We used a lovely loose illustration style predominantly using greys at the beginning and introducing colour once someone finally engaged. The music is a lovely soft and relevant track that was edited to keep context. The final impact of someone engaging brings warmth and drives home the importance of the message; 'finding the right words'.

Year 2019