ICE Benevolent Fund Direct Mail

Creative, design and copywriting for direct mail

The challenge

The ICE Benevolent Fund are the charity for the Institute of Chartered Engineers. Becoming a member of the ICE Ben Fund is optional for Institute members. The charity are able to include a direct mail piece in the Institute's annoual comms to members. Our challenge was to create a piece of direct mail that would attract attention and quickly communicate why the charity needs support and demonstrate their impact to date.

The solution

Oyster worked up a fold-out leaflet that asked a relevant and strong question on the front. Each fold-out section was used to deliver a simple, clear and compelling message. The copy demonstrated need and we used short case studies to personalise the message. The communication used strong brand colours with key stats in icons. The call to action was clear and easy to complete.

ICE Benevolent Fund
Year 2017
Design, Creative, Marketing.