GE - Naxys

Product brochure

The challenge

Naxys is a Norwegian company producing advanced acoustic equipment to help detect drilling faults or leaks for oil and gas installations. The Naxys product range provides very advanced detection technology to the industry. The brief for the brochure was to communicate their core messages clearly and provide a high impact design with clear and concise information to quickly generate interest and increase sales. 

The solution

Oyster provided copy from conference calls and interview. We created an eye catching design that sat comfortably with GE design materials, whilst allowing Naxys their own look and feel. The brochure takes the reader through the impressive technology and highlights key selling points to help differentiate the product from competitors. The end product has been well received, providing Naxys with a concise and powerful sales tool. 

General Electric
Year 2014
Design, Technology, Print.
GE Naxys
GE Naxys
GE Naxys