Ramblers Big Pathwatch - Taking part

Having worked closely with The Ramblers to create their national 'Big Pathwatch' campaign, Oyster were asked to write, design and produce two videos to promote the campaign. The videos have attracted thousands of hits and played an important role in making the Big Pathwatch such a big success. 

The brief

This video was one of two we created to help communicate the Big Pathwatch campaign - what exactly it was and how to take part. The first video we'd produced told people exactly what the campaign was all about, so this second video needed to show people how to get involved. The video needed to be concise, engaging, simple and yet informative. We naturally needed to use the same styles and graphics, but while the first video was primarily illustration this one was mainly real footage. 


The solution

We provided storyboards along with scripts and sample voice-overs. We then provided initial video samples for Ramblers to feedback on. Once approved we pulled on our wellies and went out, on an insanely rainy day, on location to film walkers who were using the app. We combined real footage with illustration styles and animation to help demonstrate the way the app actually worked. The final video has been very well received and is a really effective driving force for the campaign.

Year 2015