Ramblers: The Big Pathwatch

Ramblers commissioned Oyster to develop a creative and strategic approach for a national campaign to check public footpaths. Oyster developed The Big Pathwatch, a campaign that generated massive interest and tens of thousands of path reports within just a few months of launching.

The challenge

Ramblers required a national campaign that would reach beyond members and committed walkers to the wider public. The objective was to stimulate people to appreciate and take an interest in our paths, to feel motivated to use an app to report problems on local paths, and to spread awareness of Ramblers and importance of our rights of way and countryside. 

The solution

Oyster developed 'The Big Pathwatch' from concept to final delivery. We worked with Ramblers to develop a strategic approach to the campaign and introduce mechanics and messaging that made participation easy and instant. As well as designing and writing collaterals, we also designed the app graphics and wrote, illustrated and produced two videos to promote The Big Pathwatch.

Year 2015
Design, User Experience, App.