Pearls of Wisdom: Improving Organic SEO

Here are our 4 top tips for improving organic SEO (that's the type that you don't pay for!):

1) Check your page titles

Make sure they are all unique and relevant, ideally using your target keywords. For example, don't use 'Home' instead use 'Home | ABC Website Designers'.

2) Quality copy

Make sure you have lots of well written and keyword rich content. If you're not confident with copy it might be worth using a good copywriter.

Pearls of Wisdom: Twitter Lingo

Don’t know your FF from your RT? Here’s a quick guide to what on earth they’re all talking about!

@ used to mention someone in a Tweet and is followed by the username, so to mention us you would type @oysterdesign.

The hashtag is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. You can then search for all the Tweets that have used that hashtag.


DM is a direct message. Sometimes people will ask you to DM them rather than mention them in a Tweet so you can talk privately.

Oyster at the EBA Charity Ball

Last night some of the Oyster team attended the Emsworth Business Association (EBA) Black and White Charity Ball in aid of the Rosemary Foundation charity. The event was held at the Brookfield hotel in Emsworth and included all the well know fundraising games and draws including Heads or Tails, an auction and a raffle. 

With our clients and friends at Cobnor activity centre, we were delighted to provide an raffle prize of a family sailing day at the local centre. 

Lots of fun had by all and a few fuzzy heads this morning...