Wiggle is a leading sports e-commerce retailer headquartered in Portsmouth. Wiggle started as a local bike shop (Butler Cycles) and quickly grew to be an international retailer or firstly cycling products, and now a wide range of sports equipment. Oyster began working with Wiggle on web projects in 2013 and since then we've been involved in brand, graphic design and video projects. 


Digital Projects

Setting a style for the new brand

Oyster began working with Wiggle just as after their rebrand was announced, but just before it was implemented online. Oyster worked with Wiggle to establish a brand style for use on web using our first project, Wiggle Legal, as a test case. The Oyster team took elements of the new brand and created standard header and navigation styles. We then established design elements and defined style sheets.

Delivery of fully featured future proof websites

From the foundations we created, we went on to design and build four websites; Wiggle Legal, Wiggle Insurance and also the Wiggle Blogs and Guides sites; a multilingual, workflow-led site that also integrates with Wiggle's in house APIs and systems.



Oyster developed all four Wiggle websites in Drupal and configured the CMS to Wiggle's specific requirements. Each site has a process of workflow assigned to it, enabling the Wiggle team to manage their productivity. Each site is also fully integrated for extensive Google Analytics tracking, making it possible for Wiggle to track user activity and also create 'cost per click' analysis for their Google Adwords campaigns. Blogs and Guides as multilingual sites, operate in 8 languages and over 10 separate URLs, all managed from within the Drupal CMS.

Ongoing Support

Oyster continues to offer support and development hours as part of a comprehensive maintenance package across all websites. The Oyster team work alongside Wiggle's in house team to deliver proactive and responsive web design and development services.


Video Production

Product review videos

Following on from our development of the Blogs and Guides sites, Wiggle were keen to try out a set of product review videos to be used on the Blogs and Guides sites as well as on their YouTube channel. Oyster was approached to initially deliver 25 videos, which soon grew to over 120 videos during 2015. The videos covered both Cycle and Run categories of Wiggle products. Oyster were involved in the entire process and delivered concept, story boarding, location sourcing, scripting, direction, project management, production management and delivery. Each video was between 1 minute and 3 minutes long depending on the complexity of the product. Videos had to be 'on brand', resenting the fun yet knowledgable Wiggle personality.

Graphic Design

Delivery of a product related icon set

As part of a larger project to deliver a product selector tool, Oyster designed a wide variety of icons for the Wiggle brand. Each icon had to represent either a product category, sub category or activity and had to be instantly recognisable. Oyster delivers a full set of icons with colour variations for use in different instances. We also address hover states and some animated gif versions for use online.