School and College Web Design

Not so many years ago 1 in 3 people referred to a website when making a decision about products or services, now 3 out of 4 do. Your school website is more than just a presence online or a portal for information, it’s your school shop window, where prospective and current parents will form opinions about your school.

Experienced & professional

Our team have the skills and experience to guide you through your school website project. From planning and scoping your requirements through content planning, build and testing, we’re here to make the process run smoothly. Audiences are key to your planning; knowing who they are and what they want to see is vital to planning a successful website. We’ll use your team’s knowledge and take part in any research required to deliver a well structured, engaging and intuitive website that projects your school in it’s best light.

All our team work in-house and are directly employed by Oyster, allowing us to deliver professional systems as well as the peace of mind that where all here if you need us. Our specialist UX web designers deliver creative and unique designs that capture the character and proposition of your school. Our developers are highly skilled, building bespoke solutions that fit with your school needs and processes. We deliver content managed websites that are integrated, easy to manage and make life easier for your team.

Finally, we’re passionate about delivering an exceptional final product. We’ll add in all your content by hand and thoroughly test your site. We providing training for your team as part of the package and we’ll support your after go-live to pick up any niggles or glitches. 

Responsive & Accessible

All of our websites are responsive, meaning they render perfectly to fit any size or type of device (phone, tablet mobile etc) that is being used to access them. We consider the mobile experience from day one, ensuring buttons are big enough for thumbs on touch screens and that mobile menus are available where required. We can also support your accessibility requirements, just let us know what you need.

Integration with your systems

We've integrated with lots of different systems including a variety of school databases and information management systems. We can also integrate with your school calendars, pulling content directly and automatically into your school website, and even into your own school app.

Search Engines & SEO

Oyster understands the importance of SEO. Oyster will build your school website in a way that is conducive to improved search engine rankings for your chosen keywords. We can also setup your site for Google Analytics so you can track your sites' progress and make adjustments along the way. 

Our CMS (Content Management System)

We build using Drupal, a leading open-source CMS that delivers a strong and reliable system combined with the flexibility to give you complete control of your website content. Our skilled team have developed a framework which allows us to offer the best of open-source with the perceived benefits of proprietary software. We are of course happy to provide a demonstration of the CMS on request.

We provide flexible SLAs to your requirements, supporting your team to manage the site effectively and ensure that the site works effectively for them.


A CMS (Content Management System) allows you to edit your website content as and when you need to. As well as text you can change and add images, video and other media. Our CMS gives you plenty of flexibility with the right amount of structure to keep your site looking great. We can work with you to deliver the functionality you need in a way that you can manage going forward.

As well as being technically sound, our CMS is really easy to use and we can provide all the training that you need to take full control. 

Integrated App system

Working with our friends at Apptree, Oyster can deliver apps that use your site content and stream it out to your parent's devices instantly. Apps deliver that next level of interactivity, but they need constantly updating with content making them a tie as yet another platform to manage. Oyster's apps tap into your website content meaning that you only need to update one platform to keep them all up to date. Apps can provide access to calendars, news feeds, contact lists and much more. With Apptree, we deliver 100% native, Apple IOS & Google Android Apps for Tablets and Phones. Call us to find out more.