Schools and Colleges

Oyster enjoys a growing reputation in the education sector. We are able to deliver every aspect of your school or college's marketing communications from brand research, focus groups and delivery to fresh creative campaigns, prospectuses and websites. 

Independent schools

In selecting the right school for their child, parents are making a huge decision. They will go on a journey of discovery that includes word of mouth, a web visit, the prospectus, a school visit and possibly a sample day. It's a competitive market and in order to ensure your message and proposition is fully represented, every stage of that journey needs to be carefully considered, shaped and put into place. 

Not every child will be suitable for your school and your school won't be suitable for every child. However, by clearly understanding the criteria by which parents assess their choices and identifying the core characteristics, strengths and pillars of your school, you can ensure that both enquires and enrolments are optimised. Developing a clear, compelling and uncluttered proposition is essential to differentiate your school from the competition.

At Oyster we love working with independent schools to absorb ourselves in the character, ethos and strengths of each school. We work with your team at every stage to shape your core propositions, tone of voice, photography, design styles and the parent journey to ensure your school is promoted to it's full potential and the true character and ethos shines through.

Further & higher education

Increasingly we are being asked to work with sixth form, technical colleges and universities. As with our schools' clients, we enjoy excellent results from our communications work. At the heart of quite a few further education campaigns or prospectuses is the need for a focussed appraisal of course offerings, related  audience groups, competitors, core strengths and ethos. Our experience in developing creative campaigns across multiple sectors and our extensive work in brand review and development gives us the skills to quickly shape communications and design styles to connect with your specific audiences. We increasingly find that our diverse experience in the charity, commercial and education sectors is a real strength for further education colleges with wide audience groups of young adults.

Our work with further education organisations includes brand review and refreshment, campaign creatives and roll-outs, prospectus design, copy, photography and print, and digital marketing and web. We can work from a standing start to review and assess the marketing requirements through research, focus groups or brand workshops, or we can work alongside your marketing team to quickly get on board with the brief and provide the level of support and services you require.