Schools and Colleges

We specialise in helping schools and colleges to achieve their marketing goals. Increasing enrolment, rebranding to improve perception, attracting different types of students and communicating strengths and character are all part of the mix. Oyster has extensive school marketing experience, working with schools and colleges across the UK.

Marketing your school or college

Parents face an important decision. Choosing the right school for their child can be emotional and stressful. They might have an idea of your reputation, but inevitably they turn to your school’s marketing for insight and answers to what can be a large shopping list of requirements. Considerations might include academic results, pastoral support, religious ties, leadership, location, special needs support, emphasis on sports, boarding options, how the school ‘feels’ and many more. 

Your school of college proposition should seek to answer some of these questions, pinpointing your unique differentiators and highlighting your strengths. Your prospectus, website and other materials should help the parent or student to access the information they need. 

Don’t forget your other audiences! Your marketing speaks to a much wider audience base who are all making impressions and building perceptions of your school. Your local community, industry bodies, your alumni, partner organisations and even your team need to be considered as they could become valuable advocates.

Independent School Marketing

Independent schools and colleges have seen their enrolment figures fall as a result of the economic environment. Independent schools have to act to combat the recession, according to the ATL, by “marketing themselves more aggressively, including overseas”.

We work with independent schools across the UK and also in Europe. We deliver bespoke and creative solutions to exceed the expectations of your brief.

State Schools and Colleges

Government run Primary, Junior and Secondary schools and colleges have had their funding reduced requiring them to become savvier with their marketing budgets, including their marketing budget. By focusing your budget on key areas and ensuring that your messaging is on target, school budgets can be made to go that bit further.

We tend to work with local schools in this market, but we're happy to travel to meet those who are further afield and need our help!