Brand development is shaped by your target audiences and the proposition you want to put to them. Oyster works with you to ensure your objectives are firmly anchored in the design and development of your brand, including your supporting lines and the tone of voice you use. We work with you to create a brand that attracts your target audience and enhances your market profile. We love working on brand projects and we are proud of the excellent results we achieve with our clients.


Your approach to a logo design may depend on who you are, what you do and how big the budget is! Oyster will work with you to agree a process and a budget that properly reflects your needs. We take you through a staggered process to ensure every aspect is considered. Throughout the process we’ll explore graphics, typeface, colour and supporting lines. The final product has always been thoroughly considered. Every logo is delivered with easy to understand guidelines for use.


Updating your brand can send a very powerful and positive message to the market. A refreshed or redesigned brand can boost interest and perceptions to boost your profile, or help you to change direction in line with your marketing or business strategy. Oyster will guide you through the process from beginning to end, helping you to engage with and involve your stakeholders and launch your new identity to the world. We can also help you organisation to undertake a change to your organisation name - from brainstorming, shortlisting and selecting an appropriate and fitting name, to rolling it out bother internally and externally.


As part of a fuller brand process, Oyster creates branding guidelines for our clients to control their brand across every discipline. The guide is usually the culmination of a comprehensive brand design and development process. Guidelines provide an A to Z for our clients, including graphics, typography, colours, imagery, dos and don'ts, tone of voice, how to write, supporting lines, comprehensive design examples and mechanics. Your brand guidelines will keep your brand united and ensure every piece of work supports your brand look and message.