Youth Options Brand

Youth Options is an excellent charity that works tirelessly to help disadvantaged young people who are facing challenges in their lives. They provide multiple services including youth engagement, youth centres, activity centres, child care and business health & safety advice. The great work of the charity was not reflected in their brand or clarity of their communications. Oyster's job was to work with the organisation to overhaul the brand and help structure their communications to give clarity and impact in their multiple market places.

The challenge

Youth Options is a charity with a reputation for delivering tailored, effective and life-changing solutions for young people. Much of their work is funded by local authorities, government grants and schools, but it's an open arena and more often than not they need to pitch against competitor organisations. We soon came to realise that the Youth Options team were incredibly dedicated to their work and the people they help, and excelled in their delivery. But all too often their brand was letting them down.

The charity brand was old fashioned and didn't reflect the diverse audience that they were working with. The services offered by Youth Options were unclear, often creating custom project names for each client rather than presenting a set menu of structured services to demonstrate their work. Marketing materials had no consistency of message, look or style. The excellence of the organisation felt like it was hidden under a confused brand – it needed liberating.

The Youth Options website was also holding them back. The rigid CMS didn't allow the charity to present the information it needed to effectively, so it quickly became stagnant and under-used, not presenting the charity in its best light.

The solution

As we often do, Oyster ran a facilitated workshop with key members of the Youth Options team. It was an incredibly enlightening experience with real clarity around the character, ethos, values and audiences of the organisation but less clarity in terms of the service offerings and how the organisation should present itself to it's audiences. Using a series of exercises, group working, open discussion and a fun but structured approach, we found a shape and reached that eureka moment when everyone understands and buys into a shared brand vision.

Oyster then presented back the findings to Youth Options' project team and shaped the brief to reflect the findings. We worked through a well established five stage process shaping structure, clear and compelling propositions and a modern and engaging design style. Working alongside Youth Options' project team we enjoyed developing a really fresh and appropriate new brand with clear messages and service offerings that made complete sense. We worked up brand guidelines and handed over these along with templates and a comprehensive brand toolkit.

Having completed the brand we then went on to build a new website. The outcome has been extremely positive and helped Youth Options to stand out in their competitive market place.

Year 2017
Design, Creative, Brand, Web.