Wiggle Blogs & Guides

Wiggle is a leading sports e-commerce retailer headquartered in Portsmouth. Wiggle started as a local bike shop (Butler Cycles) and quickly grew to be an international retailer or firstly cycling products, and now a wide range of sports equipment. Wiggle has run a UK based Blog and Guides sites for a number of years, but the company was now looking to upgrade them and move into the international market.

The brief

The Blogs and Guides site were built in WordPress which had served it's purpose well until the sites were hacked and the company started to outgrow the functionality that the platform currently offered. Wiggle was also approaching a rebrand and the time was right to redesign and rebuild the sites as international sites that would work to boost content for the company, promote their products and offer their customers impartial advice and guidance.

The solution

Oyster built a responsive, localised and fully content managed site for Wiggle Blogs and Wiggle Guides. The sites we're built entirely in Drupal open source CMS and deliver a broad range of features to engage with the visitor and promote Wiggle products. The sites were designed with the visitor in mind with careful UX planning as well as implementation of the new Wiggle branding.

Year 2015
Design, User Experience, Technology.