The Ursuline Preparatory School Ilford brand and prospectus

Brand and prospectus design for the Ilford Ursuline Preparatory and Nursery school in Ilford.

The brief

Ilford Ursuline is a preparatory and nursery school based in Ilford in London. The schools needed to differentiate the preparatory school from the nursery, including changing the name of the nursery to reflect its younger audience.

The brief included the creative concept and design of a prospectus for the preparatory school and a new brand for the nursery school to suit the new name; Rising Stars Nursery.

The solution

Oyster created a design style for the preparatory school and created a the 2014 prospectus and created stationery designs.

Oyster then created a brand for the Rising Stars Nursery that had strong links back to the Ilford Ursuline brand and reflected the younger audience of the nursery. Oyster created stationery and branded materials for both schools.

The Ursuline Preparatory School Ilford
Year 2013
Design, Print.