Twyford School Prospectus

Twyford is one of the oldest prep schools in the country. They have a unique character and wonderful approach to education. Oyster were engaged to the brand message and design style for the new prospectus. 

The challenge

Twyford is unique in many ways. The old school building set in beautiful grounds with modern facilities tastefully added over the years. The school has a unique character and traditions that go back hundreds of years. The key challenge was to capture the real ethos and character that makes the school such a great place for children to enjoy their education and develop important values, skills and perspectives as individuals. 

The solution

Having visited the school, met the Headteacher and other key members of staff, we quickly built a picture of the school. We wrote copy to be fairly concise and picked out headings that truly captured the character and ethos of the school. The design used photography and a selection of fresh colours, some picked from the existing palette and some new. The prospectus reflected the traditional and modern aspects of the school.

Twyford School
Year 2019
Design, Creative.