Tibet Relief Fund direct mail

Creative, design and copywriting for a new supporter direct mail drive

The challenge

The Tibet Relief Fund contacted Oyster to help them extend their supporter base. The Fund had been using the same direct mail message for a number of years and whilst this had initially proved successful the response had dropped significantly and, with some existing members dropping away, a fresh supporter drive was needed. With the political changes in Tibet restricting the charity's work inside the country they had begun to focus more on supporting those who had been displaced by occupation. Part of our challenge was to design and write the direct mail to reflect the Fund's current work.

The solution

The Fund's supporter profile identified women as being the biggest supporter group. We designed the DM piece around the needs of young mothers who live in remote areas with little access to modern medicine. We also highlighted the plight of Tibetans who were displaced by China's occupation and were struggling just to make ends meet whilst living in exile. The mailer used concise case studies and core stats to reinforce the message and clearly demonstrate the need. We were supplied with real imagers, which added emotion and enabled the reader to fully empathise with the case studies. The response has been excellent with new support by far outstripping the previous campaign.

British Kidney Patient Association
Year 2016
Design, Creative, Marketing.