TalentEd Brand

Formerly called Spirehub, the charity approached Oyster for a new name and brand.  After an enjoyable process, Oyster presented a selection of possible names. A new brand was then designed and rolled out around the new name.

The brief

Spirehub (now TalentED) are a small charity in the education sector. They provide additional tuition and mentoring to talented pupils in inner city areas. The pupils they help are those that show academic potential but in large class sizes may not receive the level of tuition they require to achieve their full potential.

The charity felt their name hampered their communication of the service and their ability to engage with tutors, schools and pupils.

The solution

Oyster went through an exhaustive name process that involved checking any potential ideas against available domains, Charities House and Companies House. We then presented a shortlist of names, from which TalentED was selected. Oyster then rolled out a new brand with guidelines and design templates for print and web. The new name and brand have made a big impact, increasing awareness and engagement across the education sector.

Year 2015
Design, Brand, Print, Web Design.