Surval Montreux Prospectus Pack

Surval Montreux is an international school in Switzerland. They enjoy an excellent reputation for educating girls to become confident world citizens. Oyster were engaged to help lift the brand design and message and to unify the design approach across multiple publications to capture the incredible opportunities, environment and facilities provided.

The challenge

Surval Montreux International school offers a huge range of opportunities to girls of different ages from around the world. Their audiences include China, South America and Russia. The stunning location and accommodation, facilities, extra-curricular opportunities, languages and tailored education for global citizens are all part of the offer. Our challenge was to bring clarity and cohesion to materials and to package the materials under a fresh and engaging design style.

The solution

We enjoyed developing a design style and mechanics that enabled the different communications to sit together, conveyed a real sense of the incredible location and opportunities available to students, and presented a prestigious but clean and friendly style. The collaterals were designed to be used individually and to sit nicely together in a designed pack. The design style allows for subtle graphics, a strong colour palette and breathing space for some great images.

Surval Montreux
Year 2019
Design, Creative.