Strode's and Windsor Colleges Course Guide 2019

Having worked with The Windsor Forest Colleges Group to refine their core propositions and refresh design styles to reflect target audiences, we then got to work on the prospectuses.

The challenge

Strode's & Windsor Colleges have merged to become a single organisation. Economies of scale and a united approach to communications meant that a single prospectus was required to cover both colleges. However, the audiences and the courses vary between the colleges. The challenge was to find a design style that would give both colleges breathing space, whilst also feeling part of one overarching educational partnership. It was also important to appeal to all the target audiences.

The solution

We designed the prospectus with a front cover split between the two colleges. The prospectus focused on 'One sixth form, two colleges' and promoted the considerable benefits gained from the choices, facilities and shared experiences of both colleges. The front end pulls out the core propositions and gives space and balance to all their student audiences' needs and aspirations. The design style is fresh and modern, and the course mechanics, selection and application requirements are easy to understand.

Windsor Forest Colleges Group
Year 2018
Design, Creative.