The Salters' Company Appeal

A high profile direct marketing communication to raise funds

The brief

The Salters’ Company was first licensed in 1394 and is one of the Great Twelve London Livery companies. It recruited Oyster to help raise funds towards the redevelopment of Salters’ Hall in central London. As a significant contributor to science education and also as a supporter of many charitable causes, the Company needed to raise funds to ensure the long-term sustainability of its philanthropic work.

The solution

Oyster designed a high-end fold-out brochure using gold block and special colours. We tailored the message to members and focussed on the Hall’s history, the Company’s support of education and charity and the importance of leaving a legacy to future generations. The brochure has been sent out to members and will also be used to help increase awareness and support of Salters within the City.  

Anderson Rowntree
Year 2014
Design, User Experience, Technology.