Safeaid brand

A successful PPE company, Safeaid had developed multiple brands for products and services. As part of a complete brand refresh, we conducted a brand workshop and audit before developing the brands as part of one dynamic organisation.

The challenge

Over time, Safeaid had developed a number of secondary brands within the organisation that were beginning to conflict with the main brand as the company grew. There was uncertainty as to how these brands should sit within the business and although the company has a strong ethos and very innovative approach, the brand message and structure needed to be clarified across the organisation. Understanding the business was key to developing the brand.

The solution

We kicked off with a brand workshop that was structured to help Safeaid to fully explore their market position, SWOT, end term planning, ethos and character. From this we worked alongside their team to structure all the brands under the main Safeaid brand. We developed key messages and copy tone and style. We introduced fresh imagery and provided a brand that will enable them to grow, thrive and deliver a clear and compelling message to market.

Year 2018
Design, Creative.