Richmond Adult Community College

Richmond Adult Community College (RACC) enjoys a unique character and architecture. The college offers a very diverse range of courses and is very much at the heart of the community. Oyster worked with RACC to modernise their design style and marketing message. We started by designing the new prospectus before rolling out a recruitment campaign.

The brief

RACC needed to appeal to a younger audience whilst being careful not to alienate the older students, who make up quite a high percentage of their numbers. The college has a very nice, almost quirky feel and they wanted to make sure their designs and message reflected their character whilst also being modern. The brief was to develop a new design style, shape key messages and take fresh photography.

The solution

Oyster spent some time visiting RACC and meeting key members of the team. There was plenty of character within the building and the establishment to shape key messages and to build a really compelling series of messages to the different audience groups. We presented two possible directions and also demonstrated how a campaign would roll from the prospectus approach. The impact has been extremely positive!

Richmond Adult Community College
Year 2017
Design, Print.