RHACC College campaign & prospectus

We have enjoyed shaping Richmond Adult Community College's communications over the past few years and were delighted to incorporate Hillcroft College as part of the 2018 campaigns.

The challenge

Having shaped the RHACC brand over the past few years, we needed to bring Hillcroft College into the offer. The campaign and the collaterals need to appeal to a broad audience of different ages, so there's always a balance to be struck. The colleges have a broad audience and it's a competitive market place, so the message needed to be clear and the design engaging and attractive.

The solution

Many of the courses at RHACC offer people the chance to improve their qualifications, grow their knowledge or engage in something that interests them. The campaign used our Learn it, Live it, Love it headline with a refreshed design style. The course guide was an A3 broadsheet design that gave a really positive energy to all the communications. A really clear navigation, vibrant imagery and a well balanced grid for courses ensured that the guide was well received.

Richmond and Hillcroft Adult Community College
Year 2018
Design, Creative, Schools.