Ramblers Big Pathwatch - explained

Having worked closely with The Ramblers to create their national 'Big Pathwatch' campaign, Oyster were asked to write, design and produce two videos to promote the campaign. The videos have attracted thousands of hits and played an important role in making the Big Pathwatch such a big success. 

The brief

Having designed the look and feel of The Big Pathwatch digital and print communications, we now needed to create a set of videos to sit comfortably with the campaign branding and share some of the key graphics. The style needed to be friendly, engaging, simple and informative. Part of the challenge was to bring all the graphic elements created for the campaign into life as animations. In this first video we were seeking to explain what The Big Pathwatch was all about - a route best suited to animation.

The solution

We started by storyboarding the both videos and supplying script for each of the sections. From discussion with Ramblers we then finalised the storyboards and provided sample sections of animation styles, colours, typography and voiceover choices. It was great fun evolving the Ramblers' iconic character, the campaign illustrations and key messages into animations that told a really flowing story about the campaign. The final product has been really well received and helped drive thousands of sign-ups to the campaign.

Year 2015