The Queen's School Prospectus

The Queen’s School is an independent school for girls aged 4 - 18. The school is based on two sites within Chester and is renowned for academic achievement with a high percentage of students progressing to top Universities, including Oxbridge.

The brief

Following a brand refresh and the redesign and development of a new website, the Queen's School was looking to create a suit of prospectus to complete their look. 

The school has lots of competition locally; new schools have been built in the area and other local schools have changed to become direct competition. The prospectus needed to not only reflect the pupils’ academic achievement but also capture the unique qualities of the school which lift it above its competition – namely the nurturing approach, individualised learning and personal development which takes place.

The solution

Having delivered the brand refresh and web project, Oyster was keen to continue the design style established across the printed materials with careful consideration for layout and also the print specification.

Oyster designed a separate prospectus for each area of intake for the school to capture the specific needs and focuses of each age group. The prospectus was supported by a general information and admissions information booklet. Oyster designed a folder to bind the documents together in a professional and impressive package to support the school's marketing efforts for the coming year.

The Queen's School
Year 2016
Design, Marketing, Print.
The Queens School