Moneybarn website design

A new website design for Moneybarn, a leading provider of car finance in the UK.

The brief

Offline, the Moneybarn brand and identity was strong and impactful, but online the website didn't deliver the brand as well as it could. Equally the site design and process was a little clunky. Oyster was commissioned to redesign the Moneybarn website to include full UX design and journey planning. 

The new designs were to include responsive layouts. The brief was for design only.

The solution

Oyster designed each page of the website including the calculators, forms and other interactive elements. Oyster use the Moneybarn brand to prioritise information on each page and deliver an exceptional user experience. 

Oyster also went on to design Moneybarn's internal portal for brokers; an interactive system designed to make it simple for brokers to obtain quotes and monitor the progress of their applications online. The site included lots of graphics and statistics which Oyster designed individually.

Castle Marinas
Year 2013
Design, User Experience, Technology.
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