Malvern St James Brand

Malvern St James Girl's School wanted to overhaul their brand design and message to reflect the school's impressive approach to education. With excellent facilities, a strong Leadership Team and outstanding results, the time was right for a brand overhaul.

The brief

Malvern St James Girl's School was impressive to visit. The Headteacher presented a very clear vision that gave girls the freedom to pursue the things that interested them. We visited the school a number of times, met with parents, teachers, pupils and the SMT. The school radiated a refreshing and inspiring approach and the pupils had an enthusiasm and energy that was contagious. The key was to capture this and deliver a brand and campaign that truly captured the ethos, character and pillars of the school.

The solution

As we usually do, we presented our understanding of the school's ethos, character and core pillars back to them. This provided a great foundation on which we could all move forward. Alongside the brand, we also presented a series of propositions and a copy style that complemented the school's character. We developed a fresh set of design tools whilst maintaining core elements that were part of the school's heritage. The brand was extremely well received and included a fresh approach to the prospectuses.

Malvern St James School
Year 2019
Design, Marketing, Print, Brand, schools.