Langley College Course Guide 2019

Langley College is part of the Windsor Forest Colleges Group. Having initially worked with Langley and their partner colleges to refine their audience messages and reshape the design, we enjoy developing their recruitment campaigns and annual prospectuses.

The challenge

Langley College is primarily focussed on vocational courses. Their core target audiences are young people 16+ with diverse backgrounds. Many are looking to get on in life and earn an income. Langley needs to appeal to this broad audience and engage their interests in the many skills and trades the college offers. 

The solution

Oyster developed the campaign and prospectus headline 'Go get it'. This delivers a no nonsense message with energy and enthusiasm. The campaign has been very successful. Using the bright, engaging design approach, we then designed the prospectus to compliment the campaign and maintain the energy and aspirations of a course at Langley

Windsor Forest Colleges Group
Year 2018
Design, Creative.