Lancing College Foundationers Brochure

Having worked with Lancing College to help develop their brand design style, proposition and advertising, Oyster were asked to design the college's Foundationers bursaries brochure. The brochure is sent to people connected with the college, including past pupils, to encourage individuals and organisations to donate towards as bursaries for talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

The solution

Working with the brand style and messaging that we have developed with lancing, we shaped the design and copy style to appeal to the target audience. We used real case studies, quotes and headlines to demonstrate the opportunities the bursaries offer young people and the wonderful achievements of recipients!

The challenge

Having established a strong design style and shaped the way in which Lancing structure their key messages, we had a clear set of guidelines to work from. The real challenge was to convey the importance of bursaries to potential donors and to demonstrate the incredible difference they can make to the lives of young people.

Lancing College
Year 2018
Design, Creative, Brand.