iSupplyEnergy Brand

iSupplyEnergy is a British-owned independent supplier based in Bournemouth. Launched in 2012, they’re now one of the fastest growing energy companies in the UK and thousands of new customers every month trust iSupplyEnergy to look after their electricity and gas.

The solution

Oyster ran a workshop with the executive team to establish the business core values and proposition within its new and existing market place. A brief was developed and agreed by the management team. Oyster presented 4 initial directions for consideration by the team and 1 preferred route was quickly selected. Oyster experimented with colours, typefaces and also developed some illustrated characters to be used across all marketing materials. Further developments included a suite of icons to represent the different energy products, advertisements, icons, brand guidelines and finally, web visuals for the iSupplyEnergy team to build in house.

The challenge

iSupplyEnergy's brand was nearing 10 years old and had seen some adaptions and 'brand slippage' during this time. The business was changing and a new brand was required to support iSupplyEnergy's growth. The company was preparing to launch its dual fuel product and in doing do it was potentially doubling its market potential. iSupplyEnergy needed a brand that was friendly, reliable, credible and style that connected with its target audience. 

Year 2016
Design, Creative, Brand.