Hampshire Cultural Trust museum branding

An extensive brand update for Hampshire Cultural Trust, who manage and support 26 art centres and museums across Hampshire and have close partnership links with two national heritage museums.

The challenge

With 26 venues coming under the HCT banner, each with it's own offering and identity, this was a great project for our brand team. The brand is used across multiple channels including signage, marketing communications, web, merchandising, livery and wear. The brand solution also needed to work with the Creative Commercial Collections partnership with Jane Austen's House and Beaulieu Motor Museum. The brand needed to showcase attractions and collections to attract and engage visitors, to create a sense of community pride and to unite all the internal teams within the Trust. HCT also needed to update copy style and tone of voice to be warm and engaging, to explain historical relevance and promote sales.

The solution

Working closely with HCT we developed a framework logic that would work across the depth and diversity of the organisation. With so many venues it was important to ensure the logic behind the approach was fully considered across every aspect of the brand outputs. Having already worked with HCT on a series of new venue logos and merchandise labelling, we had the advantage of understanding the mechanics of individual attractions. We developed logo styles for venues that were line illustrations of the buildings and chose a warm palette of colours and typefaces that gave scope whilst keeping all venues united. It was a wonderful project and very satisfying to see everything working beautifully and in place.

Hampshire Cultural Trust
Year 2018
Design, Creative, Brand.