Greenpeace Arctic 30 website

A celebrity campaign website to support the Arctic 30 campaign

The brief

Greenpeace approached Oyster to design and build a campaign microsite to invite celebrities to petition the Russian government to free the Arctic 30, who were imprisoned and their ship held in Russia after a protest on an oil rig.

The site needed to be built quickly and be easy for the Greenpeace team to update as new celebrities joined the campaign.

The solution

The website features celebrities from around the world. The user can sort the celebs by country and Tweet them to thank them for their support. The site is fully content managed and uses a tiled layout, which randomly displays celebrities on page load.

The site integrates well with social media and is responsive, so renders perfectly for all screen sizes including desktops, tablets and smartphones. Oyster designed, built and launched the site within a week to give the campaign maximum exposure.

Saints Foundation
Year 2013
Design, User Experience, Technology.
Greenpeace - Arctic 30
Greenpeace - Arctic 30