GE - Air Data Test Set launch

New product launch to aerospace market

The challenge

GE are leaders in the Air Data Test Set (ADTS) market and a respected brand in the aviation industry. The new ADTS 500 series raised the bar in pitot static test equipment, introducing a hands-free terminal, swipe screen technology and incredibly high accuracy sensors. Oyster's challenge was to plan the strategic launch of the product to market, from initial creative concepts, headlines and copy content to design and delivery of  sales collaterals, video, and web, Oyster were engaged to provide a fully integrated marketing package. 

The solution

Oyster led with the proposition of ADTS unplugged. This went straight to the heart of the most prominent USP - a ADTS terminal that doesn't need wires and tubes thus saving time and money. The key sales factors of speed, efficiency, convenience, reliability and support were given prominence. The product design is striking in itself and with aerospace known for the enthusiasm of technicians for their field, we decided to let the product have the design limelight. With clear messaging, clean design and unified set of sales tools, the ADTS 500 series is set to make a big impact in the market.

General Electric
Year 2014
Design, Technology, Print.