Fibercore Advertising

Fibercore are specialists in the production of high tech optical fibers.  Fibercore products are used in an incredibly broad and growing range of applications spread throughout more than 50 countries. Differentiating themselves from their competitors was an important advertising challenge.

The solution

Oyster considered different ways to work within industry publications, that would stand out. By developing a fresh illustration style, using Fibercore's brand blue prominently and introducing engaging copy lines, we were able to differentiate Fibercore from competitors and improve their profile and visibility.

The challenge

Fibercore employed Oyster to come up with something 'different' in an advertising marketplace dominated by product pictures and predictable positioning descriptions. Fibercore needed to stand out within the industry publications, so people would take note of the brand and register the proposition. 

Year 2016
Design, Creative, Brand.