The Fair Trade Practice Brand and Website

Oyster worked with the Fair Trade Practice to deliver a brand refresh and a new website.

The brief

The Fair Trade Practice are an ethical PPI claims company. Their ethical approach to business means that they don't undertake any outgoing marketing, unsolicited phone calls or 'spam' marketing techniques, which have given the industry a less than ideal reputation over the past few years. The Fair Trade Practice runs completely on referrals from happy customers.

In the past, the companies marketing and brand had centred around campaigning against the banks, however since most banks are now participating in the claims process this approach needed updating in a brand refresh.  

The website also focused on campaigning and didn't deliver the power in messaging that the company needed. It was also cumbersome to update and the software it was built in had become outdated.

The solution

To start, Oyster worked with The Fair Trade Practice team to deliver a refreshed brand which focused on being 'recommended' and emphasised the companies success statistics. Oyster refined the typography, simplified the colour palette and created graphic devices to be used across the online and offline marketing materials.

Oyster then reworked and redesigned The Fair Trade Practice printed materials, starting from their stationery, applications packs and referral scheme resources. 

Once complete, Oyster redesigned and redeveloped the new website to include parallax elements and interactive devices. The site design also works around the company being recommended and driven by referrals; including testimonials and statistics to reinforce the message. The site is fully content managed and also responsive, rendering the content and design of each page to suit the browser and device being used to access it.

The Fair Trade Practice
Year 2014
Design, User Experience, Technology, Print, Brand.