Emsworth's Oysters

Designing a fresh new brand for a local campaign celebrating Emsworth's long association with the oyster trade. 

The challenge

A local project to us, funded by the lottery. Emsworth has a history of Oyster fishing and at the turn of the last century was famous for it's oyster smacks (boats) and oysters. Today Emsworth's oysters are not protected from boats outside the harbour and we have just one fishing boat left operating from the harbour. An impressive group of local people led the campaign to raise awareness of our history and help to improve the fortunes of our fishermen in the future.

The solution

Oyster worked with the project group, providing a selection of different brand ideas that reflected the theme and captured some of Emsworth's unique character. The brand needed to translate across a wide range of media including digital, print and film. The designs were modern, clean and fun, enabling the brand to appeal to all sectors of the community from schools to older people. The project is now up and running and has had a big impact. We're proud of having been part of the team!

Year 2014
Design, Brand, Print.