Dallington School website

Having worked with Dallington on their school prospectus, we were than given the task of shaping the same message and style to a new website. 

The brief

The website needed to convey the unique character of the school whilst delivering information quickly and efficiently for prospective and current parents and stakeholders. Dallington is a very unique school and it was important that visitors to the website were quickly able to discover the true character and ethos of the school. The website also needed to be fully editable whilst ensuring that the styles and appearance were controlled.

The solution

Oyster developed the user journeys and key messages as a first stage. Video is widely used to help deliver character and personal messages in an engaging way. The navigation is clear and key messages help to shape the user's understanding of the school's ethos. The design style is very much in keeping with the prospectus designs that Oyster established. The CMS system gives different levels of user authorisation, is easy to use and controls the text and layouts so that the website retains it's appearance.

Dallington School
Year 2017
Design, User Experience, Technology.