Dallington School Prospectus

Dallington are a unique school run by award winning Headteacher Mogg Hercules. It's an inspiring environment where children enjoy learning new skills and develop in a dynamic and nurturing environment. Despite the school's excellent ethos and reputation, competition between independent schools made it necessary for Dallington to clearly define their pitch and proposition. Oyster were engaged to run a parent/teacher workshop, write and design a new prospectus and to design and build a new website.

The brief

Dallington engaged Oyster to work with parents and staff to identify the spirit and characteristics that make Dallington so unique. The new prospectus copy and design needed to embrace the school's values and provide a clear proposition to engage with parents. With tight competition between local independent schools it was important that Dallington could lay out a very clear and compelling pitch. 

The solution

Oyster ran a day workshop with parents and pupils, using facilitation models to help identify the strengths and characteristics that defined the school. We then worked up the prospectus and copy around these findings. Illustration was used to help draw out the key characteristics of life at Dallington. The combination of copy, design, illustration and photography combined to create a very positively received new prospectus.

Dallington School
Year 2017
Design, Marketing, Print.