Chance for Childhood Brand

Name change and brand development

The brief

Originally called Jubilee Action, the charity wanted to change their name to better reflect their work and raise awareness of their cause. The brief involved working up a detailed assessment of the criteria around which the new name should be focussed, steering the organisation smoothly through a change of name and then working up comprehensive design guidelines with which to control the brand in the future.

The solution

Oyster held internal work shops in order to generate a selection of suitable names that met the criteria agreed with Jubilee Action. Names were presented with a selection of supporting lines. Chance for Childhood was a unanimous choice. The logo was then developed over a series of stages with feedback from Chance for Childhood. On completion of the logo, the new design and messaging was developed and full guidelines delivered.

Chance for Childhood
Year 2014
Brand, Graphic Design, Digital Design, Charity Marketing.
Chance for Childhood Brand