Burkina Health Foundation Website

Oyster was tasked to deliver a full brand for the Burkina Faso Health Foundation, including a new website for the newly established charity.

The brief

Burkina Faso is one of the world poorest countries and this fledgling charity required a name and a brand to reach out for support. The charity was founded by an investment banker and doctor who was working out in Burkina Faso to build a medical centre.

The brief was to deliver a name, brand and website that was indicative of the culture of Burkina Faso and that explained the work that the charity was trying to do. 

The solution

Oyster researched into the culture and design influences of Burkina Faso and created a brand that was indicative of those styles. We created a colour palette, selected typefaces and developed graphic devices for pulling out key information both in print and online.

Oyster then applied this design style to various print materials and also to a new responsive website that render perfectly for both mobile devices and desktops. We also implemented a mobile menu that works throughout the site, making it easy to use on touch screen devices.

Burkina Health Foundation
Year 2014
Design, User Experience, Technology.