BKPA Impact Report

Impact report with new design style

The solution

Our starting point was to plan out the Impact report journey and mechanics. We developed a running order and logic that would enable the reader to follow a narrative and we then identified key infographics and stats. The copy style was set alongside the design style and we provided early spread samples to enable everyone to agree the approach. We wrote copy from interviews and content provided and worked it into a warm professional style. The designs gave the publication a nice open flowing style.

The challenge

The British Patient Kidney Patient Association (BKPA) asked Oyster to design, write and structure their Impact report. One of the key challenges was to help the BKPA to structure a journey that would reflect all the amazing work they do and give stakeholders and other readers a real sense of their purpose and achievements. Oyster also needed to develop a more energetic design style that worked well with key stats and infographics. Oyster were also asked to write the copy and settle on a tome of voice that would readily engage the reader.

British Kidney Patient Association
Year 2016
Design, Creative, Brand.