Bison Brand

Bison approached Oyster to help them step up onto the national scene. As a regional supplier of tools and equipment to the building trade, Bison enjoyed good success but the brand was holding them back from breaking into bigger accounts outside their catchment. Oyster set about building a new brand, tone of voice and language that would see Bison accelerate into a wider market. Having established the brand and rolled it out, Oyster then designed and built the website.

The challenge

Bison are a supplier to the construction trade. They enjoyed a healthy regional business but their brand looked dated and didn't convey the feeling of a business with national capacity. Their brand had little cohesion and varied in design, colour and treatment across their communications. Bison is a great name but it wasn't being employed to it's full currency. Bison needed a strong brand that would communicate their service excellence and their extensive experience within the industry. 

The solution

Oyster spent time understanding Bison's market place, buyers and wider audiences. We looked at characteristics that the big players engaged with and began to shape a really strong brand style with core messages and graphic mechanics that projected their business to their desired audiences. We also developed a brand language that would appeal to the 'no nonsense' approach of their buyers. Oyster redesigned and built Bison's website and provided full brand guidelines to control every element of their communications including messaging and tone of voice.

Year 2016
Design, Creative, Brand.