The Big Pathwatch app

Having developed 'The Big Pathwatch' campaign with Ramblers, Oyster were asked to design the user interface for the app. Thousands of people are now successfully using the app to report on footpaths across the UK.

The challenge

Having provided the creative and strategic approach for Ramblers' Big Pathwatch, Oyster were asked to design the app user interface. The challenge was to establish the user journey, find logical and easy ways to incorporate graphic elements from the print campaign, and to work with the mapping software. Oyster worked with a mapping software company to develop the app. The end product needed to be easy to use and yet comprehensive in it's functionality to allow people to report problems.

The solution

We worked with Ramblers to develop a logical user journey and identify the key steps. We used a mix of new and existing campaign graphics within The Big Pathwatch style. All graphics and layouts were provided as photoshop files so they could be easily employed by the software mapping company. The final app was extremely well received and is being used by thousands of people to report on public footpaths.


Year 2015
Design, User Experience, App.