Bargate Homes Brand Guidelines

Oyster have been working with Bargate homes for over three years and in this time the Bargate brand has developed and flexed to suit the business needs. The time was right to set some guidelines in stone to maintain and protect the brand going forward.

The solution

Oyster worked with the Bargate Homes marketing team to define concise yet flexible guidelines for use both within the Bargate team and by third parties. By identifying how the brand will be used and applied we were able to create truly custom guidelines that also included information about tone of voice and language. Finally, the changes made to the brand were reflected across digital and print media to achieve consistency throughout.

The challenge

The Bargate brand needs to stretch across a wide variety of media and formats and also work alongside sub-brand associated with each unique development. Over time lots of variations of colours and styles had been introduced and a key task of establishing brand guidelines is to define those which are to be used going forward. As Bargate Homes continues to grow, the brand will also need to accommodate further change, which should be catered for as much as possible.

Bargate Homes
Year 2016
Design, Creative, Brand.