Andover College Full Time Course Guide

We have worked with Andover College over the last few years to help shape their market propositions and modernise their design style. The results have been extremely good, and this year the design reflected the growing brand confidence that Andover enjoys.

The challenge

Having run the original campaign approach for a few years, it was time to refresh the messaging and approach. Andover is an excellent college but has historically sometimes been overlooked for bigger regional colleges. This is changing but the focus is still on communicating the credentials that make Andover such a good option and the many advantages and opportunities presented by this outstanding local college. 

The solution

We refreshed the campaign line to 'Your future's right here' and brought this across to the prospectus. The message has dual meaning and the cover uses typography without an image, which is confident and bold. The credentials of Andover appear right at the front of the prospectus. Key messages and student stories are focal points throughout the publication. The design style is modern and the communication shaped carefully to the core audiences.

Andover College
Year 2018
Design, Creative.