Alive brand

Alive are a Bristol based charity working with care homes and community groups. Alive train care staff in ways to engage effectively with the older people they care for, many of whom have dementia. They also  deliver their own engagement sessions. Alive have an excellent team and achieve great results but their brand did not reflect their professional capability and was sometimes misinterpreted by their audiences.

The solution

Oyster worked with Alive to clearly identify their products, services and audiences. We created a clear picture of their engagement points and reviewed current communication styles and approaches. Working with the Alive team we developed a logo style that felt very positive and relevant to their services. We created a strong palette and design style, using simple illustration to help clearly communicate their services. We shaped tone of voice and introduced guidelines that helped control copy counts as well as shaping headlines and key text. Having developed the brand across print and digital platforms, we created full guidelines and a brand toolkit for designers.

The challenge

The current brand felt slightly dated and the message was unclear. Alive needed to communicate their expertise in working with older people in care. Their service offer was unclear at times and the training aspect of their service needed to come across more clearly. The print materials varied in appearance and there was a lack of brand discipline and impact. Alive were delivering support and services across England, with the potential to significantly extend their reach. They were also active in influencing government policy at regional and national levels, to improve care for older people. This was another area in which the brand needed to establish their expertise and authority in the field.

Year 2018
Design, Creative, Brand.