Age UK Warmer Homes

Age UK approached Oyster to As part of our role as one of Age UK's roster agencies, Oyster created the concept for the Age UK Warmer Homes campaign and also the supporting materials including poster, leaflets, application packs and infographics.


The Challenge

Age UK's Warm Homes campaign is aimed at influencing government decision makers. The task was to highlight the plight of older people who suffer due to the cold weather and to campaign for improvements to home insulation using income from the carbon tax. Age UK provided a knitting pattern for people to knit a home and send it into the House of Commons.

The solution

We designed a home with a scarf wrapped around it. This was an evolution of their original campaign approach that used a scarf to hold headline text. The key message was 'We need warm homes'. A concise case study illustrating a real life situation and digital assets such as infographics, the campaign raised national awareness of the issue. 

Age UK
Year 2013
Design, Creative.