Out on the bikes with Wiggle

Oyster is currently working on a range of bike review videos for Wiggle. The videos are presented by Wiggle's own team members and shot locally in the Hampshire and West Sussex area. A variety of bikes are included in the mix, including mountain bikes, adventure road, commuter bikes and 'hipster' bikes. Here are some pic we grabbed during the week which gave us both sunny and really wet conditions to contend with!

Spotted! Big Pathwatch app featured on Country File!

We were delighted to spot the Big Pathwatch app we designed on BBC Country File this evening! Oyster worked with Ramblers on the Big Patchwatch project earlier this year to deliver a campaign brand, materials, videos and app designs. Such a great project! We were delighted to be a part of it...

Read more about this project here: http://oysterdesign.co.uk/our-clients/ramblers

How to design a charity website

Here at Oyster we’ve worked on quite a few charity website designs now and we think we’ve got the winning formula to boost support, raise profile and increase donations. Designing a building a charity website should be a well considered task; every image, word, button or header can change how the site is received. Of course it helps if you have the right components to start with, so we’ve put together a shortlist of the key elements that must be included in a charity website from a marketing point of view:

Our top ten features for your new school website

Schools are truly starting to embrace the web and use it to it’s full potential especially when it comes to school websites. This seems to be largely due to demand as parents want to be able to access school information using their mobile devices like tablets and mobiles. In addition, we’ve seen the number of enquiries about ‘apps’ soar in the last year as the amount of people accessing the Internet predominately via their mobile device continues to grow year on year.

The top ten features to please your student’s parents are:

Why we build websites in Drupal

When you're shopping around for a new website, one of the biggest considerations on your list should be which CMS (Content Management System) your agency will use to build your site.

There are lots that you might come across but some of the biggest names are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco and maybe Sharepoint, DotNetNuke or ModX. At Oyster we develop solely in Drupal.

Oyster's top 5 tips for rebrand

Oyster has been working with brands for over 14 years and have created and refreshed brands for a wide variety of businesses and organisations across the sectors.

We have found that there are five key points to consider before embarking on a rebrand project:

1. Get buy-in from the relevant parties.

Buy-in is about ensuring that you have the authority/backing/support to implement any decisions that you make. Without it, you could end up wasting time, money and resources on a project that might never be delivered.

Designing a prospectus: top tips!

The prospectus or brochure is often the first impression that a parent or prospective student has of the school or college. We all know how first impressions count, so what does your prospectus say about your school or college? Oyster has been working with schools and colleges for some time and we’ve got some tips on the process and considerations involved in designing your school or college prospectus or brochure.