Websites as marketing tools

We understand that websites are much more than just online business cards. They have a role as silent sales people, attracting new customers by quickly and effectively highlighting key USPs. They must answer any questions visitors have so they feel they are in a position to make a decision or take action.

Effective User Journeys

Oyster believes that understanding your site visitors is key in ensuring they have an productive visit and gain a good impression of Agility Eco from the off. Oyster will work with you to identify your audiences’ needs and requirements. Intuitive navigations and well structured content is all part of the mix to be considered as part of the site specification. As such a content audit should be provided at the start of the project.

Responsive design and build

Oyster only builds responsive websites, which means that our sites render seamlessly for all browser and screen sizes including tablets and smartphones. We believe that the user’s website experience should be exceptional, no matter how they choose to access it. We build for 4/5 break points depending on your requirement, which deliver purpose designed layouts for desktops, small desktops, portrait and landscape tablets as well as mobiles. 

Content Managed Websites

Content Managed Systems (CMS) allow you to quickly edit your website with little or no web editing skills, via any internet enabled device. Oyster likes to build using open-source code and our CMS of choice is php based Drupal. Drupal is a sturdy framework that allows for a large degree of flexibility and customisation. Drupal is future-proof as open-source CMS as they will continue to be developed and improved as web continues to evolve.