Charity Website with Impact

The web is a huge opportunity for charities to talk to an audience not limited by location, readership trends or mailing costs! Your potential audience is massive and making the most of your website and online activities can help you to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Charity Web Design Agency

Oyster has been working with charities since 2000, and in this time we’ve helped charities to grasp the benefits of the web and also adapt to new advances as they’ve happened.

A major benefit of web is its ability to lend itself to a wide variety of charity promotional activities including fundraising, supporter communications, building awareness, gathering following via social media and much more. Your charity website should work to support your offline efforts. What does your website do for your charity?

Message and journey

Delivering information in a way that captures attention and communicates your cause is of course essential, but how you deliver it, where it is positioned and where it leads you two next are all part of your visitors’ journey. How your visitors moves through your website and where they end up shouldn’t be left to chance, by planning how your visitors will use and navigate your site you can ensure that the messaging they receive is effective and generates the required response.

Edit your site with our Content Management Systems (CMS)

We build all our websites on content management systems which enable you to amend the content of your website with little or no web-editing experience, from any internet enabled PC/Mac at any time. Our software is installed online, so there is not need to install software on your computer or buy licenses to use it. Our preferred CMS is Drupal, which is an open-source CMS (which basically means it’s free use and develop).

Integrate with your systems to improve productivity

Oyster can build your new charity website to integrate with your other systems and databases, removing the need for your team to duplicate on tasks. Your enquiries can feed directly into your charity CRM, your new supporters can be added automatically into your email broadcast tool (MailChimp, Campaign Monitor etc) contact list and your donations can be taken by your existing payment system. Let us know what you need and we'll do all we can to make it work.